Future House Studios is an award-winning animation, game development, and visual effects company. The studio has assembled a team of artists and engineers from the top film, game, and VR studios that include IndustrialLight + Magic, Weta, Disney, Epic Games, Microsoft, Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Digital Domain, Within, and more. Future House team members have vast experience creating blockbuster movies, AAA games, virtual entertainment, premiere VR and AR experiences, hit television series, and commercials.  

Our team members have worked on the world's most renowned franchises in television, film, and games: StarWars, DC Comics, Marvel, Transformers, Avatar, and more. 

We are experts at developing content.

The Studio was awarded the Best in Sharing Award by Niantic for our Augmented Reality work on their LightshipPlatform. We were also awarded Best Media & Entertainment Company by the Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame. 

Partnered with its sibling company, Future House Publishing, the studio develops stories for television and film.